3 Unstoppable 2017 SEO Trends


2017 is just around the corner and in the marketing and business world, it is absolutely vital that you keep up to date with the latest trends and developments. So, with the new year approaching we have assembled a short list of 2017 SEO trends that will keep you ahead of the competition.

An increase in quality content and “density.”

Have you ever realized how on a given day, you can go to a ton different websites and read the same content over and over with a little different wording? Well, so has Google, Yahoo, Bing and the rest of the world.

And they are tired of it.

However, this problem was attended to this year with the meteoric rise of detailed “uber-guides” that covered topics in extensive detail. The problem now, however, is that there is no medium.

People are either exposed to bite sized remakes of the same boring filler that has been plastered across websites for several years, or they are forced to tolerate guides and articles that are long and drawn out.

The solution? Dense contentContent density can be defined as content’s “per word value.” So, for example, even though you write a 2,000-word article that explains all the annoyances of Snapchat marketing, the real amount of worth you deliver per-word might be very low. However, by writing denser content that is focused more on purpose than form, you can deliver the same value in 300 words.

Every major marketing authority agrees that for 2017 SEO we will see the rise of content density across the board. And this is actually a good thing. The world of content marketing is adjusting its standards to the declining attention spans of the American populace, meaning that not only do you get to spend less time writing, but your audience gets more value as well.

More brands will leverage personal branding.

Personal branding is one of the online world’s greatest secret weapons. Just think about all of the entrepreneurs who became multi-millionaires because of little more than a great personal brand. People like Casey Neistat, Pewdiepie or other famous YouTubers are shining examples of the power of personal branding. They do not even sell products, yet they earn more than some of the brightest young business minds.

But personal branding is not only a tool for YouTubers. It is in fact one of the most powerful ways to guarantee the success of your SEO campaigns and the development of your business. You see, having an unshakable personal brand boosts user trust and engagement, simplifies the process of securing guest posts, and generally drives more traffic to your site.

Yet a shockingly low amount of companies are taking advantage of this method. We cannot see this trend carry on much longer and fully anticipate a large influx of organizations exploiting the power of personal branding to develop their business.

User experience will be an integral to SEO.

Over the years, the expectations of the average users have increased dramatically. People are no longer happy with reasonably navigable sites and good speeds. They now expect sites with nigh on immediate load times and websites that are easier to navigate than the road to your kitchen.

Due to of this rise in expectations, UEO or user experience optimization has become nearly synonymous with SEO. Google has started to show clear favouritism towards websites with fast load times, mobile optimization, and proof that users are enjoying their overall experience.

If you want to maintain a high 2017 SEO ranking, then you need to invest heavily into your user experience. This may require only a couple of simple tweaks that improve your website’s navigation and speed, or a complete renovation that implements responsive design and new hosting.

Irrespective of what is required, take the needed steps now so that you can sustain your momentum before it is too late.