5 SEO Hacks You Might Not Know

Getting your site to rank on Google can be quite a challenge. In order to achieve this, you need thorough knowledge of the current ranking factors, as well as the necessary time and the ability to optimize your sites’ content for those factors.

SEO hacks can go a long way toward helping you with this endeavour. While Google does not generally let the public in on high-level SEO secrets, there are a few strategies we are aware of –from both research and from Google themselves.

In this post we will look at five SEO hacks you might not have thought of, that could perhaps help get your content ranking sooner than you might think.

SEO Hacks: Create content for people who can give you links

If you create content that gets your audience excited, you are far more likely to accumulate social links and shares. But if you are after links, you need to create content specifically for people who are actually able to give you links.

Think about what journalists and bloggers typically link to in their posts, and create content specifically for that purpose. Here are a few examples of content:

  • Lists of industry data or statistics
  • Original surveys or research
  • Industry infographics
  • Expert interviews
  • Controversial posts
  • Prediction posts

SEO Hacks: Optimize for Google’s top 3 ranking factors

SEO is not an exact science. Even though Google has not given us a comprehensive list of their ranking factors, it just so happens that we do know the top three rankings factors of Google. Understanding how important these three factors are, let us focus on strategies and activities that are the most likely to boost rankings. These three factors are links, content and RankBrain – be sure to make the most of this.

SEO Hacks: Featured snippets will send more traffic to your site

As you probably already know, featured snippets is an attempt by Google to feature direct answers to questions, right within the SERPs.

If Google decides that your page provides the best answer to a specific question, they willl show a summary of your answer, along with your site’s URL and page title.

SEO Hacks: Including related words and topics in your content will boost rankings

There are a number of factors that will increase the chances of your content ranking. Some of the areas that correlate with high rankings include:

  • Using your keywords in the description and text body
  • Achieving a good reading level for your audience
  • Using your keywords in internal and external links

These probably won’t come as a surprise to you. However, Searchmetrics made an interesting discovery that you might not be aware of: Top-ranking pages contain a 53% proportion of relevant terms.

These “Relevant terms” are simply phrases and words that are closely related to the primary keyword or topic. For instance, if you were writing an article about how to cook a turkey, you might also write about Thanksgiving, side-dishes and how to host a family dinner.

SEO Hacks: Getting top rankings is not enough if aren’t meeting user intent

Getting a page to rank highly in the search engine results is great, but only if it matches user intent. When a page that does not meet the needs and expectations of users, it will never achieve strong user signals since it is not answering the right questions or offering the right information. This will cause users to quickly abandon your page in search of a more useful source. One of the top ways to make sure you are matching user intent is to analyse the SERPs. Run a search for the keywords you want to use, and look at which pages are currently ranking for those keywords.