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With a history of achieving top rankings from our offices in Cape Town and in Somerset West, our team has the skills and experience to take your site up the rankings and secure them long term benefits.

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We understand business, we get business ROI and we want you to make more money!
We are transparent with our clients regarding the work done on their websites.
We send monthly reports that detail your progress in search engines, traffic and leads.

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From start to finish we make sure that all your online marketing efforts bring you the best ROI. We design your website around specific keywords and we choose the best platforms to advertise your business: Google, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube!



BMG Marketing we focuses on SEO services in Cape Town. We apply intelligent search engine optimization strategies that will get your business ranked higher in major search engines.


BMG truly wants to see your business’ marketing efforts succeed and the first step to success is a well designed and  informative website. From concept to launch we are there to make sure your needs are met.


We kick start your online visibility by setting up a successful PPC campaign, we optimize your online efforts and send regular reports on the campaign performance.


Well designed Internet Marketing Campaign results in generating sales via leads from Web based activities. It builds up the company’s reputation by increasing its ability to be found online.


Our Staff will monitor and update your social media accounts on your behalf. We will create campaigns aimed at increasing your website traffic, driving sales & increasing your ROI.


Every website needs regular and constant content updates in order to keep achieving the highest ranking possible.

SEO News 

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It is a known fact that 97% of consumers search for local businesses on online search engines such as Google before actually choosing where they would like to go. And on average 75% of website traffic comes from these search engines. This is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to any business. It is the best and the most cost effective way to obtain excellent exposure and generate new leads, prospects and customers.  With statistics like this, it is clear that any business that wishes to thrive in the modern day needs a reputable SEO agency to promote their online presence.

BMG Marketing is that agency. We are an SEO Cape Town based agency that makes it our goal to improve the digital presence of your business, and put you ahead of the competition – after all we did it for our website.

Through intelligent SEO tactics we made BMG Marketing rank on the first page of Google search results for “SEO Cape Town” and other related keywords – and we can do the same for your business.

What separates us from our competitors is the honest and personal experience we offer while still providing you with high quality SEO services that will not only generate traffic to your website, but will also improve your website and user experiences.

Our strong team of experts spend countless hours doing extensive keyword research, creating high quality content and optimizing our clients’ websites, in order to help them meet their goals. After all their success, is our success.

As one of the leading SEO Cape Town based agencies, we can assure you that by choosing BMG Marketing, your visibility on search engines such as Google, will be better than ever before.