Proof That An SEO Strategy Is A Necessity For All Businesses

Over the years, advertising and marketing have gone through a great change. The Internet has helped to provide entrepreneurs and businesses with direct access to millions of consumers. While traditional forms of advertising and marketing can still be fruitful, it’s pertinent for businesses to also integrate digital marketing into their strategies. Recent data shows that an SEO strategy is a necessity for contemporary businesses.

Winnetu Oceanside Resort

The Winnetu Oceanside Resort is located on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. They recently tried to attract new customers by integrating SEO techniques into their marketing strategy. The resort restaurant might not seem like a company that requires SEO, but their efforts proved to be extremely beneficial. After working with an accomplished SEO expert, the company was able to grow 40% over the previous year. The average amount of time users spent on the company’s website also increased to 6 page views for each visit.

During the first month, the company received over 38 wedding inquiries. Suffice to say, the SEO efforts brought them several new customers and higher revenue.

PPC Campaigns And SEO

While pay-per-click advertising can be a wonderful way to advertise your business, it is essential to add this technique to your proven SEO strategy. Recently, a company that leases conference rooms to the public joined forces with an SEO firm. That company, allowed the SEO firm to take full control over their PPC campaign, while at the same time crafting a strong SEO strategy for the company. The company’s main wish was to break into the search engine landscape and ultimately ascend to the top of the SERPs.

With the help of the SEO firm, they could do just that. The company could increase their first place organic positioned by as much as 3000%! And of course, this also amplified the company’s visibility, traffic and revenue.


IGN ought to be a very familiar name. In mid-2003 the video-game oriented website joined forces with an SEO company. The company wanted to break into the search engine world and generate extra traffic from Google. With the SEO company’s assistance, they could do just that. It was determined that the website’s new reviews were not laid out in a search engine friendly manner. The SEO firm corrected the problem and the results were almost instant. Thanks to their efforts, IGN’s organic search engine traffic climbed by 1500% and their revenue also increased.

Ultimately, the website was acquired by News Corp for $650 million.


All entrepreneurs and business owners need to take the time to study the latest SEO data. When they do so, they will discover that an SEO strategy will prove to be a very important part of modern business. SEO can help to increase your website’s traffic, while at the same time elevating your company’s revenue. The combination is exactly what modern businesses need, in order to prosper, expand and eventually become profitable. Failing to integrate SEO into your advertising strategy will be a major mistake.