Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is the fastest way to send ultra targeted traffic to your website. 36% of users click on Google Adwords without realising that these are paid ads.

What is a PPC: Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

Pay per click or PPC marketing is a way of online advertising where the business pays for every person who clicks on the ad whether or not there is a sale. The goal of commercial Pay-Per-Click  campaign is to improve online campaigns by driving more relevant traffic to your website. To ensure success of PPC online campaign it is vital to optimize the conversion rate.

How Does the PPC Work?

PPC advertising is complex and challenging but it give you immediate exposure on Google. Unlike with the organic search and positioning which can be a lengthy process.PPC Adwords Online Campaign

Re-marketing Campaigns 

Let your clients remember your brand!

Re-marketing banner campaign is fantastic! This is also a Google product, where a cookie is installed on users browser once their visit your website. User’s computer remembers the website visited and “pushes” company’s banners frequently.

You have probably noticed that when you visit one website suddenly their banners appear everywhere! Not the pop up banners but like the ones you have seen already on gumtree, jobvine etc. It just that your banners would take priority in display space. You only pay when someone clicks on a banner.  It is a very cheap and fantastic tool to embed your brand in users head.


Our suberb PPC Strategy

Planning & Research

We start by understanding your product or service and your audience by delving into detailed keyword research, using public and in house tools that enable us to pin point when the traffic will meet your goals. Research is the key to success, get to know your audience so they can get to know you.

Creation of Assets

Through tried and tested copywriting, to attention grabbing and engaging display advert creation; we create adverts that supercharge your campaign and take it to the next level.

Implementation & Measurement

We obsess over user and performance metrics. We launch , we track and we test before rolling out the full campaign. We also make sure to split test adverts so that you’re getting the post our of your pay per click campaign.

PPC Reporting

We deliver custom reports tailored to the campaign metrics and detail that you want to see. We talk you through exactly how your campaign is doing and we also make suggestions as to how your PPC can be improved. Our success turns into your success.

Immediate results with PPC Campaigns!

Why get a PPC Expert?

If your business needs an immediate results BMG Marketing will set up and/or manage your PPC campaign by:

  • Expanding and refining keyword lists
  • Editing ad copy
  • Testing campaign components for cost effectiveness
  • Tracking conversions
  • Reviewing performance reports

The successful PPC campaign will:

  • Increase traffic and online visibility
  • Get the instant page 1 rankings in Google
  • Generate more prospects and leads for your business

How can BMG Marketing help you?

BMG Marketing specialises is SEO and online marketing services in the Cape Town region. Our previous clients are mainly from the Helderberg and Winelands areas (Somerset West, Strand, Gordon’s Bay, Stellenbosch, Franschoek and Paarl).

Only few businesses, can solely rely on the organic SEO, especially small to medium size enterprises or start ups. We kick start your online visibility by setting up a successful PPC campaign, we optimize your online efforts and send regular reports on the campaign performance.

BMG Marketing team can also help you with find correct keywords, optimise your content, manage social media and connect to the places with quality link building processes to establish your businesses online presence and drive traffic to your website. We specialise in WordPress website optimisation and have a proven track record of successful rankings.

Contact BMG Marketing to find out how we can help your business create an online campaign to retain long term success.