Two types of SEO training available:

  • open to everyone scheduled by BMG

  • in-house business workshop at your premises

SEO Training Session

1-Day SEO Training Workshop. Book your seat today and receive certificate at the end of the course!

Venue: Superhero HQ – Edgemead

Cost: R1499 ex VAT

Closest Date: on request

(subject to minimum 6 signed up applicants in total, per session or at company’s premises if a business workshop)

For everyone who wants to get better rankings for their website or start a new career in SEO!

 SEO Training  – Workshops & Courses

It is not enough to just have a website. You’ve to have a website that is ranking well.

BMG Marketing offers Content Marketing and SEO trainings for clients interested in boosting their online presence and for those,  looking to incorporate search engine marketing strategies into their existing business.

What is the course about:

  • What is SEO.
  • Which parts of SEO a website owner can be done in house.
  • How to write and structure content for SEO.
  • How to structure pages for SEO.
  • How to use Blogs to improve the SEO.
  • What are backlinks. How to get backlinks. What to avoid in the backlink building strategy.
  • How to structure social media activities to boost SEO.
  • How to use Google-associated platforms for your business and SEO.

You will learn how to:

  • List your site on Google.
  • Find the correct keywords potential users are typing into Search Engines
  • Maintain your website to improve your rankings.
  • Bring visitors to your website from Google.
  • Increase your company’s online visibility.
  • Avoid campaign killers and wrong tactics.
  • Connect to and benefit from Social Media and other platforms.

 Who is this Training for?

  • Small and medium business owners that want to get involved in the SEO of their website.
  • Marketing Specialists tasked with getting a grasp on their company website’s SEO issues.
  • Entrepreneurs who understand the value of SEO but are not quite sure how to take their website to the next level.
  • Content writers that want to add SEO to their knowledge portfolio.
  • Web Designers that want to advise clients on SEO activities and web maintenance.

Course Duration: one-day