10 Content Marketing Tips for SEO

It can be extremely beneficial to make sure that you do your content marketing right from the start – after all, if you are going to do something, do it right.

The majority of people tend to create content and then optimize it as an afterthought. According to marketing and SEO specialists, you need to have your end goal in mind before you even start creating content.

We have assembled a list of 10 tips that will help you carry out this practice.

Break down ‘silos’ when creating your team

What this basically means is that you should bring people across different departments together in order to work on creating optimized SEO content.

Know your goals

Once you have assembled your team, it is time to set goals for your content marketing. In order to do this, you need to do a number of things. Firstly, you need to understand your brand. You should have complete clarity on what the purpose of your brand is and what values you associate with it, as well as knowing how to communicate the purpose and values. Then you need to know your audience. You should know exactly what your clientele want and figure out how to give it to them. Finally, you need to determine exactly what you want to achieve through your content marketing. In order to succeed, you need to determine your end goals before starting.

Do a content audit

Do a content audit and figure out what current content you can improve, figure out what worked, what didn’t, and what generated the most traffic.

Don’t create content just to have content

When you do create content, be sure to create high quality content that is relevant and caters to your audience. Never create content simply to have more content.

Create data-driven content that is newsworthy

Find out what data your clients have, and figure out how you can use it in your content. Also finding a news-worthy angle is always a plus.

Get exclusives for your content

This approach to content marketing works well for data-driven content or for content with a good news angle. Agreeing an exclusive with a publisher in advance can definitely help you get their buy-in on covering it, it also helps with extra outreach to different publishers afterwards.

The coverage assists in both amplifying your brand and boosting your SEO with backlinks.

Create evergreen content that answers questions

Evergreen content is always great but another great tool is creating content that answers questions. By this we mean title your post with the question (for instance “What is trending this spring?”) and answer the question in the body.

 Understand what generates Quick Answers, and use it

We are talking about those informative boxouts that appear at the top of Google search results and quickly supply the information you were searching for. So if you are able to create content that will appear in these boxes, it will be great for your SEO.

Remember that you are building an audience

Be sure to create content that caters to the needs of your audience – ultimately create something that will make them keep coming back. Keep in mind that you are trying to build an audience – not simply generate some traffic.

Lastly, just do it!

Too many people feel like they cannot create viable content or doubt that anybody would want to read it so they simply don’t try. Well stop that! If you really want a tip for content marketing – just create some content. Try your best or find a content writer if you must but for crying out loud, add some quality content to your site!