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What is a Blog?

Traditionally put, a blog was a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. It was a place to express yourself to the world, a place to share your thoughts and your passions. Today, Blogs are really big and a crucial part of marketing your company online. Below we will explain in more detail why Blogs are important and how we can help to get you started with one.

How will a Blog help my website?

Today in South Africa, marketing your company online in the most effective and affordable way part of growing a successful well known brand. Blogging as a concept has been around for quite sometime, it really started to take off in the second half of the 1990’s and it was initially used as a way for people to share their opinions and thoughts.

Blogging has evolved into a must have tool for the average person in the street wanting to share some thoughts to a massive company like Facebook or Microsoft. Blogging has become a must have tool that businesses can use to increase their digital presence online and directly increase the growth of their brand.

The world is demanding blogs and if your business’es website does not have a blog, that is actively updated on a regular basis, then you really are missing out on a massive opportunity to increase your companies online visibility and directly growth your client base.

Today, your presence on Google is the key to letting your business stand out among your competitors.  To get the best ranking on Google and other top search engines is tough and requires expert help, just as your car requires servicing in order to run at its best. Also your website needs regular and constant content updates and general information movement. Effective search engine optimization is key to achieving the highest ranking possible.

In the not so distant past, Google put a lot of emphasis on which keywords you used, today it’s much more complicated. Not only must your website show relevance in order to get Google’s attention, it also needs to show frequent posts and updates and unique content. Google is ruthless and has no patients for companies that simple set up a website and leave it to stagnate. If you are one of those companies that invested once and just left the website to sit, you may be asking yourself why you get so little business through the website or why inquiries seem to dropping. As your website looses Google’s attention, so too does it loose ranking eventually disappearing into a website dead zone.

Blogs are great tools to keep Google’s attention; firstly you can blog about general stuff or new developments within your company and/or industry. It does not need to always be formal, however with this said, it does need a certain relevance and structure to have any real value in Google’s eyes. One of the best ways to get your websites ranking up is through regular content updates or blogs posts. Two to three quality updates a month will definitely help to boost your profile.

Why get an SEO Expert?

There are some great advantages to hiring a professional to take your blogs and online presence to the next level.

    • The most important thing is that you want your blog or update to get Google’s attention and ultimately turn into real inquiries on your site. The only way you can be sure that will happen is if you employ a SEO specialist to position each and every article and make sure that it gives your site the maximum boost possible. Professionals also know how to utilize words to capture your audience – to take what you want to say and improve the influence that these words have on your readers, while simultaneously optimizing the text for maximum impact.
    • A professional SEO specialist will also realize that blogging is only one part of boosting your website and that the correct number of links need to be established to help boost the PR and marketing reach of your products.
    • Lastly by hiring a professional you will be able to focus on doing what you love and are good at which is running your company.

How can BMG Marketing help you?

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Our team will help you with finding correct keywords, optimize your content, manage social media and connect to the places with quality link building processes to establish your businesses online presence and drive traffic to your website. We specialize in WordPress website optimization and have a proven track record of successful rankings.

Contact BMG Marketing to find out how we can help your business create an online campaign to retain long term success.