Every piece of content should be as long as it takes to convey the message, and no longer.

Pages and blog posts can have various lengths. The rule of thumb for SEO purposes is to write anything between 400 to 1500 words. If you asked us 5 years ago, we would say 1500 words is a minimum with an optimum of about 2500 words. The rule of “the longer is better” goes out the window since many users are using their mobile devices to read online. And the audience is constantly on the go. Most of them don’t have time to read… let alone read anything that doesn’t answer their question within first or second paragraph.

SerpIQ published a survey in 2012 indicating that 2400 word pages get higher rankings than shorter ones.

We would disagree on this one. At this stage you have read 150 words of the text and we have answered all the questions that you had. Correct?

To extend this thought, we will give you some ideas on what to write about if you think you have presented your service/products and you just can’t say more:

  • Quotes

Mix in some quotes to your text. Not only it brings a visual break to the texts, as well as gives this extra touch of gasp that we all sometimes need.

Website content text is scanned. Not read.

  • Testimonials

Testimonials are great. Ask your clients to write you some. The biggest problem that you will face is to get quality text. People have a tendency to leave a comment, not a testimonial. Try to get a two liner, not just “Great service. Thanks guys!”

  • Reviews

Adding reviews to your products is great, provided you will have customers willing to rate the products. Nothing more annoying than empty review of no comments.

  • How to’s

Every person uses Google to answer the “How to”, “What is” and “What..”. Answers some of the most popular questions and you will not only add content but also direct new traffic to your website.

  • Lists

Lists are fantastic! Not only they give your clients a piece of very useful information but also

  • 10 Best Reason Why …,
  • Top 5 Businesses in My Town,
  • 25 Reasons to Buy…