SEO and PPC have always been very divergent ideologies. When it comes to PPC, you have a precise job where every cent counts, and as far as SEO is considered, more is better with no regard to logic. Nobody cares about conversion rates when they get ten times the traffic as a PPC campaign. Luckily there is a way that SEO and PPC can work together in order to achieve higher ROI for clients.

Use PPC Data for SEO Targeting

When it comes to SEO people tend lose sight of the big picture. Why would you try to rank a page for a keyword that converts at 5% and has around a 1,000 monthly searches, when you can rank a page for a keyword that has 2.5% conversion rate but has an average of 10,000 monthly searches? Now you can ditch our AdWords keyword tool, SEMRush, or whatever SEO tool you use for keyword research.
Where PPC is concerned, you can pull the keywords that convert highest for every category page and then optimize pages based on targeted traffic. This is particularly great when forming keyword matrixes. There is nothing clients like more than targeting high grossing and converting keyword phrases.

Use Retargeting for SEO Traffic

Getting organic search traffic on your site can be pretty though. We fight over targeted keyword rankings and, once we have achieved these rankings, we want the traffic to pay off. Unfortunately, only 2% of first-time visitors convert. This is why retargeting is SEO’s best friend. We can now show the value of organic search traffic and get some of this hard-fought traffic back to the website to convert when its ready.

Create SEO Landing Pages

Normally, a good SEO team can become pretty creative with a good search engine optimization strategy. They work in e-commerce and make use of category pages as landing pages in order to rank for phrases, but, when they work in lead generation, they create landing pages interlinked together that are ranking for specific phrases they choose to target.
A retargeting campaign that targets all the website visitors is not nearly as effective as a targeted retargeting campaign. Therefore, since there are landing pages created for SEO value, you are able to retarget the individual pages with different messages, this will give the consumer a more targeted message. This makes them far more likely to convert and, in due time this will give you a higher ROI.
In addition to retargeting, will also be able to use your ad groups to target specific pages. SEO professionals aim to convert this traffic. Since the SEO team is creating high quality content that should convert, the can focus can be shifted to PPC efforts on those pages as well. This provides us with new pages to test and send targeted clicks to.

Improve Your Quality Score

It is amazing how some of clients perform PPC but have extremely poor SEO. It is so simple to alter meta information in order to include the targeted keywords that perform on PPC. It would be so easy to do some on-page optimization in order to give targeted landing pages a higher quality score. With the right SEO team, you can improve both your quality score and improve ROI on basically any PPC campaign.

It is clear that even though individually SEO and PPC are two great components of online marketing, by combining these two, you will soon discover that SEO and PPC is a match made in heaven.