Plagiarism Checker is a great small SEO tool that allows you to check whether a text contains any plagiarism.

Plagiarism is by definition the act of taking somebody else’s work and then pretending that it is your own or failing to credit them.

Using plagiarized content on your blog or pages can have negative repercussions – especially when it comes to your Google rankings. Google shows favour toward websites that make use of unique and original content.

This is where plagiarism checker comes in handy. All you need to do is enter your content into the text box that appears on the screen, scroll down a bit until you see the “I am not a robot” button, check it and proceed to click the “Check plagiarism” button. The SEO tool will then compare your content to that on the web and if any similarities that would be classified as plagiarism appears, they will pick it up.

The SEO tool displays the percentage of plagiarism as well as the percentage of uniqueness. If there is some plagiarism, the plagiarised sentences will appear in red while the unique sentences will be green. You will be able to see this just below the percentages.

This really is a great tool for anybody who is uploading content to their pages or blogs. It is always good to use unique and original content that will make your website rank better.

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