User Experience testing that is finally affordable and effective!

User Experience testing

What is Usability Testing?

Usability testing is by far the only tried and tested way to find and fix user experience issues with your existing site or application. It’s also a great way to make sure that a prototype will meet user expectations – and be easy to use. BMG Marketing in conjunction with Uxeria have brought an affordable user experience testing platform to South Africa that will allow our clients to really get into the heads of their target users and find ways on how to improve the experience that will in turn lead to greater conversion. Our solutions is truly 21st century technology and the results are astounding.

Usability testing is the cornerstone of UX design!

You cannot do user-centered design without engaging users. (It’s all in the name!) At Uxeria we run hundreds of usability tests every year, and we make sure that every member of staff is trained to run a successful test.

E-commerce websites that have used our usability testing platform have seen increased in their online sales increase by as much as 83%. Increases like that are well worth the cost of running a user experience test on your website.

So how does this work?

Our first step is , we work with you to write a recruit brief.

It’s really important to recruit the right people. If you get the wrong kinds of users to come in, you’re just wasting everyone’s time. So we’re quite particular about this bit.

We will recruit the users for you, and make sure they show up at the right times.

The user conducts the test in the comfort of their own home.

Our Uxeria system is unique in that you do not require testers to be brought into a traditional lab setting, we have found out over the years that this form of testing is quite stressful and this often gives very different results compared to when a user engages with a clients website in what we call a “natural” environment. Logically, the target users that will visit the clients website will not be doing it the confines of a laboratory. Instead they may be on a mobile phone, tablet or in there office. Its is therefore crucial that the testing is conducted in environments in which the target user group will actually be engaging with the clients website.


It is therefore for this reason that we have done away with dated laboratory testing, we can conduct cost effective user experience tests anywhere in South Africa. The upside is that our process yields stronger results and its a lot more affordable than traditional forms of testing.


It all happens on online!

Afterwards: a debrief session or workshop

We go through what we learned in the tests. For each issue, we create precise, actionable recommendations for the short and long term. For key areas we make sketches showing how the recommendations might look.

We can present results back in a comprehensive report, or a PowerPoint presentation. Or we can discuss the results and design ideas in a workshop with your team – for quick turn around and closer involvement.

 If you would like to know about how Uxeria and BMG Marketing can help your website or brand today with quality affordable user experience testing. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a email.