Majestic is an award winning SEO company that has created the largest commercial Link Intelligence database in the world. With the use of their technology, anybody who wishes to, has the ability to do a quick and easy keyword audit without spending a dime

The keyword Checker tool is simple to use and proves to be very successful. The result of this audit shows how often Keywords or Key Phrases are searched. This gives you the ability to find out what people are looking for, thus letting you know if they are interested in a specific product or service.

With Majestic, you have the ability to expand the list by adding many different phrases, which allows you to compare how much interest and competition surrounds a specific set of Keywords or Key Phrases. While the majority of keyword tools that you will find online rely solely on paid search data, Majestic’s data is based completely on organic data.

For instance, if you type in 5 variations of possible searches for a plumber in Cape Town, you can see how many people have shown interest in this specific service as seen in this image.keyword tool

This is a simple keyword tool that anybody can use, and best of all – it is completely free. You can of course subscribe and pay a monthly fee of £29.99, in order to get access to even more fantastic tools and services that will help your business flourish. But, for those who do not wish to spend any money, this keyword tool is completely free.

You can check out Majestic’s keyword tool here: