Speed up your website using these 6 WordPress Plugins

There is nothing more frustrating than going to a website for instant information and it slowly loads, wasting your time and increasing your stress. By the time it has loaded, you have already found 3 new websites to peruse and have forgotten the first website which was actually your first choice. Don’t let this happen to you if own a business and rely on your website to be financially independent!

Speed and Ranking Count

It takes long hours and hard creative work to build a website, so it is important that when it is up and running you get the traffic you dreamed of. Speed counts. For your success, makes sure your website runs on speed. You don’t want potential clients going to your competition because your website took too long to load.

Did you know that Google actually ranks you better if your website loads faster? You can do something about this. WordPress has loads of plugins that will assist you to manage a fast, efficient website that is recognised by Google. WordPress Plugins are software pieces that you upload to improve how your website works and you can do this all yourself if you use WordPress.org.

How to install a WordPress Plugin

  • Log in the find the Plugins menu on you Dashboard. Open it.
  • Find the Installed Plugins page and look at the current Plugins that you already have on your WordPress website. These would have been installed when you started your website.
  • To add a new Plugin, click on the Add New link. Now you can seek new Plugins from the WordPress.org Plugin Directory.

Check out these plugins to add value and speed to your WordPress website

  1. WP Smush – to Decrease Photograph Magnitude

This fantastic plugin has won awards for its easy-to-use reduction of images to speed up your website. Huge images tend to take far longer to download, losing you clients along the way. With WP Smush you get a compressed photograph without compromising on quality. You can also use a range of image setups that suit you (e.g. JPEG, GIF, PNG) and the programme enhances the primary colours. For the most effective images, use WP Smush and you can compress up to 50 photos at one time.

  1. BJ Lazy Load – to Reduce Automatic Loading of Pages

This plugin allows the user to click on your website and, instead of being bombarded by reams of content and images, he can see the content he needs to see, as it loads. The user scrolls down and the content uploads with the use of placeholders that enable the page to load gradually and not all in one big load. The user does not notice any change in speed but the website copes better – especially if your website consists of plenty of information and images. Many clients want instant gratification and expect websites to load quickly. BJ Lazy Load gives the client this speed but in a different way.

  1. WP Fastest Cache – Rapid Downloading

You need help once your website attracts more traffic and more comments and people want feedback. More people are viewing your website, but you are using more random access memory (RAM) and central processing unit (CPU) – so your website slows down. WP Fastest Cache attracts plenty of 5-star reviews because it speeds up the site which works very well and allows effortless usage by clients. What it does is forms a stationary HTML file so that many users can all land there rather than the page having to load over and over. Nearly half a million WordPress users have installed this plugin which is a good sign.

  1. WP Super Minify – to Condense CSS and JavaScript Files

Allow your website to load in minimal time with WP Super Minify. It is easy to understand and use – follow the 3-step procedure to upload this plugin from the directory then through the plugins menu. This plugin is useful as it mixes and decreases certain files to speed up your website – these are JavaScript, CSS and HTML files. Speed up your WordPress site by 2-4%.

  1. W3 Total Cache – For Data Collecting (Caching)

Choose this WordPress plugin for ultimate website speed and performance. It can advance your SEO and the experience of the user improves because the website is faster and ranks higher with Google. Visitors to your website will be delighted that each page loads speedily, and they will tend to spend more time on a page, checking out more pages. This plugin reduces HTML, JavaScript and CSSS files and improves overall site performance by at least 10 times. W3 Total Cache is so far, the best plugin for optimised web performance.

You may speed up your website and improve your Google rankings but is this plugin easy to use? Some users report that it is very complex and made for the big-time websites, not small fry who are starting out. Check it out before you commit to it – but it will change your life!

  1. WP-Optimize – To Optimize Your Collection of Data

The more you write blogs or posts on your WordPress website, the more data you are creating that has to be saved somewhere. Your database fills up with all the copies of the posts you have written, and this slows down your website. It becomes less efficient with all this data plus the comments from visitors which you forget to respond to. Use WP-Optimize to clean this data up and permit your database to run at optimal output. Remove all the draft posts and comments for a speedier website. To make things easier for yourself, set up a cleansing schedule so that all the unnecessary data gets cleaned up automatically as you work including spam, binned content and more. Save space and time and gain speed.


WordPress is a popular tool for blogging and creative websites and the more you know the more you learn – and the better your personal website becomes. WordPress has become a fashionable and very functional platform with so much potential and can suit any user. Take our advice and use these plugins to optimize your website and to hit the web with a more professional outlook. You will get results!