It is official – May the 3rd, Google implemented an algorithm update.

Phantom 2 – the quality update.

There was  a suspicion for about 4 weeks that Google updated it’s algorithm. Suspicions, doubts and rumors, but now we have the official confirmation of the implementation. The information was published on the Search Engine Land – we already know that there were neither long-awaited Penguin or Panda – but just a “simple” change in the algorithm.

The company told Search Engine Land That while no spam-related update had happened, there were just changes with regards to the core ranking algorithm in terms of how it processes quality of the content.

My observations are that the update was aimed  to increase the impact of quality on the  SERPs, which led to the fact that services based on unique content and pure links recorded large increases – went up to 60% on May the 3rd. Online E-Commerce shops with a good history of links passed a moderate growth. Shops with bad history (unnatural links) – slight decrease strictly linked page SEO-anchors that a few months ago.

While opinion of the Search Engine Journal (which he called Phantom 2 ) is that the content is the king and correct internal navigation is crucial. However in my opinion, unique content is a forgotten, yet a very important factor. Also the quality of the backlinks: I noticed on one of my websites with slightly unnatural links did not record any growth after 3rd of May.

The good news is, white hat techniques should pay off, especially with long awaited Penquin update (algorithm for drawing attention to the quality of links leading to the pages). I must admit that I look forward to it with great interest and .. impatience. I have some “interesting” sites that clearly require updates.

Virtually no one in South Africa noticed changes in the algorithm of May 3rd.

One thing surprised me greatly due to changes in the beginning of May – barely anyone of my clients noticed them. Individual comments appeared here and there, but they constituted a minority networks; a good portion of people, including the industry, has not observed anything interesting in the SERPs. Probably because no one brought the issue to the well-known industry blogs.