Why should continuously expand content on your website.

When I meet with my clients I often encounter a surprised or disappointed reaction – when I tell them, that in order to achieve the great search engine results – YOU MUST CONSTANTLY WORK ON YOUR CONTENT. If you don’t regularly update your website – its almost impossible to get anywhere on Google, especially if you just started a website. Fresh domain, lack of content and no backlinks will not get you anywhere. Unless you have years to wait for results – fresh and unique content is a must.

There is no shortcut or a quick trick to get on top of Google in a short time. It requires work, consistency and professional expertise exposed on the website in order to get Google to understand that you are an absolute pro in your industry.

Sometimes, my clients are shocked when they hear that website is not just a business card. If you are banking on getting any business through the online exposure, your website has to be MUCH MORE than just  BUSINESS CARD. I often get an email like that:

Hi Bashia.

I just want a simple website.

All I need is: Welcome, About Us, Out Services, Contact and to be HIGH ON GOOGLE.

Trust me if those things were possible and done through the web design – I would not have a business right now! So lets give Google content – something to grab its attention. Remember – you are new kid on the block. You need to be the best you can be to get noticed.

So make time to work on your website. Same as you make time to do your accounting, paying telephone bills and chat to your customers. Reserve a slot to make sure your website follows the trends in the industry. If you don’t do that – how is Google supposed to know that you know your stuff?!

A big part of my job is to educate my customers. Most of them want to know what am I going to do for the hours of SEO they pay me. I never have problem to explain: I will fix your website’s architecture, submit it to Google, highlight some important parts of your content and build some backlinks, plus I will keep your content fresh. Some of my customers say:

I think I can do that myself.

That’s great! Well done. I wait two weeks and send a friendly reminder to client that his blog should have had at least one post by now.

Blogging is the great start for your website’s fresh content. It is less official than a page of your website, so you can be actually yourself when writing posts.

Why blogging is great

Most of all it shows that you know your industry.

Secondly it allows you to introduce the user to an in-depth topic related to your services. And this part is crucial for Google, as it allows you to create content build for long tail search phrases. These are very important especially, because, according Google

15% of daily Google searches are unique.

Another reason to do this, is the fact that humans these days search for reassurance on the Internet. More they research, longer phrases hey type. This way they can come across your blog and keep on browsing to see what else you offer.

So, Dear Website Owner – KEEP ON BLOGGING!