Our SEO sales pitch

I am often asked by clients to explain what exactly SEO (Search engine optimization) really is all about and why firstly it costs so much and secondly why its required to get any half decent ranking on Google. I have decided to share our SEO sales pitch and hopefully it will help BMG to secure more SEO contracts in the future.

I always start with a definition of what SEO is in simple understandable terms. The closest relatable analogy I could come up with is buying a a brand new car with a vehicle motor plan.

These days you simply cannot purchase a new car without some form of motor service plan. It comes standard and the price is built into the car purchase. If you ask a client who drives a BMW, Mercedes or any upmarket brand, how they feel when their car starts to come to the end of its motor service plan, they will most likely disclose that they are not happy and would feel more comfortable having the cover of the plan.

Owning a website is very similar. You used to be able to build a website and let it just sit static on Google like a business card or a company profile  ..and that was fine. These days you need to fight and keep working the website to make sure you rise through the rankings and if you are on top of the pile – that you stay there.

A website without a clear SEO strategy is just like a new car off the lot without a service plan. It’s a gamble and clients need to realize that they are taking all the risk.

Servicing your car is essential in making sure that it runs as we desire. The same happens to the website. If you make sure that the content is fresh and updated on a regular basis – the website will bring desired traffic.

And like a car you can service and repair it either yourself or give it to professionals. BMG Marketing is a SEO specialist and through various activates will bring your website to the place where the traffic is high. …and unlike a car – being stuck in traffic with BMG Marketing is only a pleasure!